Have you registered your children for religious education?

Religious Education

Registration has already begun in many of our parishes for religious education programs that begin in the fall. I cannot emphasize too strongly the importance of registering your children early because space is limited in some parishes. I encourage you to call your parish to begin the process.

Participation in religious education programs is essential for sacramental preparation for First Reconciliation, First Communion and Confirmation. Children may not receive these important sacraments without proper preparation. Because of the importance, sacramental preparation must be done through the parish.

Our Holy Father Pope Francis continually emphasizes that knowing Jesus and following in his footsteps is the essence of our Catholic Faith. Saint Jerome, the great scripture scholar, believed that ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ. We are disciples, followers of Jesus, and we must know Him to be His disciples. It is also important to keep in mind that religious education is more than sacramental preparation; it is part of a lifelong faith formation in discipleship.

We would look pretty silly if we tried to wear the same pants or dresses we wore at our First Communion or even Confirmation, but some of us are wearing our First Communion or Confirmation faith and it no longer fits us. We must continue to expand our faith.

Remember, what we learn as children at home and in religious education is only the beginning. Our life is a journey to God. Faith formation ends only when we reach the goal of our journey.

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  1. Carmen Therese Lazo, MCDP says

    This is a great boost for faith formation coming from Bishop Ferrell. How can we get all our diocesan families to receive his notices?

    Thank you Bishop Ferrell.

    • says

      Thank for your encouraging and supporting words. We in the diocesan Communications office do our best to make sure to share this information in as many ways as we can. We always publish links to the new blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and we recently added a Pinterest board to the diocese Pinterest page to share the posts there as well. The posts are often shared in the Texas Catholic newspaper and on the front page of the diocese website, Cathdal.org.

      On the parish level, every employee in the diocese is sent an email when a new blog is posted, and Communications directors and webmasters are encouraged to share links to the posts in bulletins, on their parish websites and on their parish social media. People have the option of subscribing to the posts by signing up for emails as well.

      I think the secret is for those who are touched by what Bishop has to say to share it with the people that they know. By sowing the seeds of the knowledge of Christ that God gives us through His chosen leaders, the Bishops, I do believe that we will soon see a bountiful harvest.