A Reflection on Fathers

Fathers Day

In reflecting on Fathers’ Day I realized that no two fathers are alike. Let’s see, a father may be: a coach, a friend, a teacher, a dispenser of discipline, a provider, a counselor, a comforter, an admirer, a confidant and a protector. He may be any or all of these things.

Some of us may not have realized how many things our father was for us until he was gone and we had to say to a tombstone what we wished we had said when he was still here. My, how our priorities can get mixed up.

Of course, if we are fortunate enough to have our father with us, Fathers’ Day is a good time to think about what he is to us and let him know how much we appreciate his love, understanding, patience and even mercy. He will value hearing that and a hug much more than a new tie.

Interesting, isn’t it that all the things a father may be are also the attributes of God. Could be that’s why we call him Father.
I thank all fathers, living and dead, for their unselfish love and sacrifice and ask a special blessing on them this Fathers’ Day.

Image Credit: Helen Taylor on Flickr

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