The resignation of Pope Benedict XVI

We were all taken by surprise by today’s announcement by Pope Benedict XVI that he will step down from the Chair of Peter on February 28, but we were aware of the frailness of his condition from our last visit.

Of course our prayers are with him in his retirement and we thank God for the gift he has been to the Church and to the world. While his decision is not without precedent it is highly unusual and in my opinion is an indication of his great love and concern for the Church and its future.

Now we turn to the choice of his successor. The College of Cardinals, who are the Papal electors, will convene at the Vatican next month in a conclave to elect the next Pontiff. This is a prayerful process of discernment and we are confident that the Holy Spirit will guide their deliberations.

We must now await the outcome of these momentous events in faith and confidence in God. Please join me in prayers for Pope Benedict and the Papal electors.

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  1. Laura A. says

    El Santo Padre esta en todo su derecho a renunciar pero se nos debe una explicaciin o justificacion mas congruente ya que hasta pocos dias dias se hablaba de un Papa.totalmente capaz mentalmente aunque no pudiera caminar o sentarse pir si solo. No debio haber sido tan subita su renuncia.

  2. Isaac says

    I am deeply saddened by the news of Pope Benedict’s resignation. I know it was a tough decision for him to make and I know he spent much time discerning the will of God. However, this is not just between God and Pope Benedict – it concerns the entire church. Cardinal Ratzinger was chosen by the Holy Spirit, and after accepting the call, Pope Benedict should fulfill his vow. As Blessed John Paul II showed us – it is not about politics, age or ourselves. It is about allowing God’s grace to shine through you even to your last breath. I cannot imagine Pope Benedict’s struggles. Our prayers will be with him always. He resigned because he felt it was the will of God – I pray that the electors will feel it is the will of God to re-elect Cardinal Ratzinger as Pope.