Roe vs. Wade remembered

It has been forty long and tragic years since the Supreme Court’s decision on Roe vs. Wade legalized abortions in our country. Since that time there has been an estimated 55,000,000 babies aborted.

Saturday, January 19, we will march in remembrance of four decades of death in solidarity with other marchers for life throughout the United States. The March for Life will begin at the Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe at noon and proceed to the Earle Cabell Federal Courthouse, the building where Roe vs. Wade was first filed in 1970. Speakers will talk about the ramifications of the Supreme Court decision.

Prior to the march, at 10 a.m., there will be the Roe Memorial Bilingual Mass at the Cathedral, including the Procession of Roses. Concurrently there will be a Pro-Life Ministry Fair and Praise and Worship Service at the First Baptist Church featuring music and inspirational speakers.

Please join me in the public witness of dissent from this catastrophic action.

For more information on event times and locations, please visit the Roe Memorial Events Website.

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  1. Joan Gura says

    Bishop Farrell, I live in Ennis,Texas and have been attending St. John’s since 2004 after I retired.from the Plano ISD as the Truant Officer. My husband, Jim and I have been married 54 years this August. We have five (5) married children who were blessed with sixteen (16) grandchildren. of these sixteen (16) grandchildren, three (3) are.married and together they have given us six (6) great-grandchildren and another due in April.

    We are very blessed and after each of our children were born, we promised to do our best to return these beautiful children back to God as beautiful and perfect as He had given them to us.

    Today we are in our seventies and physically I am struggling. On Sunday (1-27-2013) Father John played the message to us. I Struggled to hear your complete message because I wear both a hearing aid and a Coclear Implant. I was wondering if it would be possible to have your message CAPTIONED since I am sure I am not the only one with this problem.

    Thank you for your consideration of this suggestion.. We pray the daily Rosary for our family, our nation, our leaders (which includes you), for the protection of the unborn, and the end to abortion.
    Today our gift to our church, family, friends and those who are in need is our PRAYER,

    God bless you in the spreading of God’s message of salvation and for you as our Shepherd.

    Love through Christ Jesus, Joan Gura