The Escalating Spiral of Violence

Twenty-six lives stolen including 20 first grade children Why?

What could possibly be the reason for the spiral of violence that has gripped our nation?

Do we look to the media, where gratuitous violence is rampant?

Does it come from the movies where death, torture and suffering are standard fare?

Or is it the video games where it is so easy to pull a trigger and blow someone away?

Is it that disconnect between reality and the virtual world?

Perhaps it is the fact that drone pilots can sit in Kansas and send a smart bomb down on a car 2000 miles away and coolly watch four lives obliterated and then go home to dinner.

Does a government firing a missile against its own people give a license for killing?

Could it be the general lack of respect and civility that demonizes those with opposing ideas?

Have we created a technological monster over which we have lost all control?

What do you say to the parents of a kindergarten child gunned down in her classroom?

How do we teach people to handle anger and hate?

Why can’t we intercept these deranged people before they carry out their indiscriminate slaughter of innocents?

When are we going to get serious and have a national conversation about it?

Jesus weeps for the children of Newtown, for the people of Newtown and for all of us.

Then was fulfilled what had been said through Jeremiah the prophet:

“A voice was heard in Ramah,
sobbing and loud lamentation;
Rachel weeping for her children,
and she would not be consoled,
since they were no more.”

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  1. says

    Your Excellency, you forgot one item, and it’s the most important one. 54 million babies have been slaughtered as victims of abortion.

  2. Carl Rossini Jr. says

    Even as this unspeakable crime deprives us of the beauty of the 20 children, the heroism of teacher Victoria Soto challenges and inspires us. As she hid her students, she confronted and misdirected the killer. She gave her life for the students she loved. Are we willing to lay down our lives so our children are protected from evil? Are we willing to give until it hurts to witness to the value, the right to life of millions of unborn children who are killed by procured abortion? Yes, we weep and are not consoled for these innocent, beautiful twenty whose faces we can see. And I weep even more for the 50 million innocent, beautiful preborn children killed legally whose faces we will never see.

  3. Mary says

    “Could it be the general lack of respect and civility that demonizes those with opposing ideas?”

    In this particular case, I suspect mental illness combined with losing a stable family situation during the early teen years and being raised by a mother who made a big deal out of guns and who, at least to some degree, bought into the doomsday paranoia are the root causes of this horrific incident. In general, however, I think the increasingly polarized, divided society we live in, along with the arrogant, cutting, cruel attitude displayed by “pundits” and “commentators” and “bloggers” make it more likely that we’ll see more of these incidents. This young man did with bullets what so many do with words a thousand times a day.

  4. Gene Beil says

    His Excellency, did not make a mistake. It is time for many to realize that there is more than one issue to be considered in the world. There are many instances of injustice that have nothing to do with the one issue that so many cannot see past.

  5. Amy Smith says

    Male violence against women and children is the common thread. I hope to see the Church speak out against male violence and start working to better protect women and children from the ever-increasing male violence that I believe is caused in part by our military industrial complex, violent video games, and our obsession with guns. In addition, the avoidance by Church leaders in speaking about male violence against women in the home is an atrocity. Please speak out against this.