Spending time with Jesus

Jesus said “Come away by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while.”(Mark 6:31). This week I have joined many of the priests of our diocese in doing just as Jesus suggested. We are on retreat at Montserrat Retreat House at Lake Dallas.

Although we are hearing some inspiring talks, they are designed to help us find that deserted place where we can listen to what Jesus says to our hearts. In my busy life I find precious little time for prayer and reflection. We priests are notorious for ministering to others but failing to realize that we too need to be ministered to.

So we are seeking the Lord and His direction in our ministry. It is a time of both spiritual and physical renewal in these wonderful, peaceful surroundings.

Please remember; retreats are not only for priests. In this busy and often chaotic world, Jesus’ voice is often drowned out by the din of life. Organized retreats are a wonderful way to recharge, but even taking a few minutes each day to spend alone with Jesus helps us keep our lives in balance and in perspective. Jesus will never abandon us. We must be careful not to abandon him.

There is an old but true saying. “If you feel that you are not as close to Jesus as you used to be; guess who moved?”

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