A celebration of being Church

Saturday we honored 135 laymen and laywomen for their volunteer work for the Church and I was overwhelmed by the experience. Not by the liturgy, which was wonderful, but by the gratitude expressed by those who received the Bishop’s Award for Service to the Church.

Our cathedral was packed with the recipients’ families and well wishers who enthusiastically affirmed the much deserved recognition of the awardees. It was a joyful celebration of the royal priesthood of the People of God. I was humbled by the response.

It was a true manifestation of the local Church, lay people, clergy and the bishop celebrating together their oneness in the Body of Christ. I truly had never experienced anything like it.

The reception that followed the liturgy was like a big family party, people didn’t just drop in, but they stayed to enjoy the food and fellowship and seemed reluctant for the event to end.

All seemed to realize that while the event was a tribute to each one of the awardees, it was also a tribute to the countless lay men and women whose selfless efforts make Jesus present in our parishes, our ministries and our communities.

I treasure having shared in the moment.

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