Each year the church invites us to reflect on how we live our Catholic faith. Lent is a time for us to reflect and to review our life in light of the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Gospels. One of the prayers that may be used as the priest imposes ashes on our head is the words of St. Mark Gospel, “Turn away from sin and be faithful to the Gospel”, Mark 1:15

As we begin our journey through Lent, I encourage all Catholics to continue our traditional Lenten practices: increased prayer, appropriate fasting, penance, and a continued effort to undertake and to foster charitable giving.

During our journey through Lent, I encourage each one of us to reflect on how we conform our lives to the principles and to the values of the Gospel. How good it would be if each one of us spend some time reading the Gospel and reflecting on how we conform our lives and attitudes to the Heart of Christ.

Our Holy Father Pope Benedict in his Lenten message spoke about the culture of justice and reminded us that evil and injustice many times comes from our own hearts. It is my hope that we would all place special emphasis during this Lenten season on the virtues of justice and charity. That we would respect each other for who we are, “children of God created in his likeness and image”; and that in all our relationships that we would treat each other as Jesus treated the people with whom He had contact with, and as revealed to us in the Gospels. Let us continue to look to Jesus as our hope and as an example of how we should live our lives for He is “the way, the truth and the life.”

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  1. Womack says

    Dear Bishop Ferrell, Thank you for your good work in the Dallas area and for the Spiritual guidance and accessability to us. You mention the heart several times in your blog and I know that it is the heart of man and intentions that God sees in us. It is in the heart, as you have said, that evil and wickedness are born, and it is in the heart of Christ that they are overcome; Christ in us the hope of glory! Thank you for quoting the Popes Lenten message. We need your messages and appreciate them. Womack

  2. sam says

    Bishop Farrell, On the subject of justice in this Lenten season, I would like very much to know how you can reconcile the claims of Marc Thiessen on EWTN that justify our government's use of torture with Catholic faith. This man specifically referenced the Magesterium in his discussion on a Catholic network. Lent, it seems to me, is a perfect opportunity for our nation to reflect on what has been done to others in the name of our safety. Perhaps it might even be appropriate for leaders such as yourself to reiterate the message of Pope John Paul II in Veritatis Splendor, that physical and mental torture "…are a disgrace, and so long as they infect human civilization they contaminate those who inflict them more than those who suffer injustice, and they are a negation of the honour due to the Creator."

    Many Thanks – Sam