God’s Gentle Call

This brief poem by Steve Landregan is published in The Texas Catholic this week in connection with an article on the National Vocation Awareness Week. I believe it captures well the nature of a vocation as a response to God’s call.
God’s Gentle Call

It’s difficult to hear God’s voice,
Life’s din can drown it out.
A gentle but persistent call,
It’s not God’s way to shout.

Take up your cross and follow me!
There still is much to do.
The hungry and the heartsick,
Will all need tending to.

You see, I have no hands but yours
To heal and soothe and bless
To wash their feet and give them hope
And teach them more is less.

I do not need a weathervane,
All glorious and grand,
I only want foundation stones,
That make the building stand.

I came to serve and not be served,
You’re called to do the same,
To kneel with basin and with towel,
And do it in my name.

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